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Nobody can be equally at home in all consultancy areas in the major countries. That is why we use professional and geographical alliances which enable us to offer fast, expert advice beyond our own "professional and geographical boundaries".

Alliott Group

Faced with the growing international interconnections and cross-border activities of our clients, auditors are increasingly obliged to fall back on the support and professional knowledge of colleagues abroad. For example, this includes auditing international group relationships and obtaining the necessary independent reports on assets located abroad.

In addition, every country has its own legal, tax and financial peculiarities and relationships. As a result of the increasing harmonisation of legal regulations in the EU, legislation passed in one member state can also affect other member states.

In order to provide auditing services, tax and legal advice in all EU countries and the main countries outside the EU, NPP is a member of the Alliott Group.

There are more than 160 independent auditing and tax accounting firms as well as legal practices in the Alliott Group in all the major countries on every continent.

Johlke, Niethammer & Partner
Solicitors, German tax advisor, German CPA

Johlke, Niethammer & Partner is a partnership of lawyers, German tax advisor and German CPA,specialising in receiverships which has earned a reputation throughout the country.

Our close proximity enables us to quickly tap into the experience of insolvency administrators Johlke, Niethammer & Partner in crises and cases where companies need to be restructured, and to include it in our advice to the client.

German tax advisor, German CPA

DPRT GmbH was founded in 2006 and, in addition to auditing annual financial statements and special audits, provides the classic services of a tax consulting company, such as taking over and consulting in connection with financial and payroll accounting, the preparation of annual financial statements, surplus income statements and tax returns.

DPRT Business Services GmbH

DPRT Business Service GmbH provides IT services in particular for auditing and tax consulting companies with a focus on IT audits, data analyses and tax audits. Data analyses are planned and carried out using the IDEA, AIS TaxAudit Professional, ACL and DATEV ACL Comfort software systems.

OMNIA Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbh

OMNIA Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH was founded in 1967, and besides classical tax accounting, its primary activities lie in providing financial and payroll accounting services and offering consultation in the same field, as well as producing annual financial statements, cash accounting and tax returns.

OMNIA also assumes the fiduciary management of securities in connection with German Early Semi-Retirement Act and flexible working hours regulations (Flexi II Act) as well as holding shareholdings in companies in a fiduciary capacity.