NPP Head


As well as its classical areas of activity, NPP has developed the following areas of specialisation in the course of its auditing work, tax and legal consultancy work over many decades:

Non-profit organisations, associations and federations

providing auditing services, tax advice and advice under corporate law to non-profit organisations, associations and federations, in particular:

  • professional associations
  • corporations with tax privileges as defined by the tax code such as educational institutions, welfare associations, zoological gardens and animal parks as well as sports clubs
  • foundations and family foundations

Charitable status

As well as general and special reporting duties, our consultancy service also includes:

  • support in connection with their foundation (choice of legal form, recognition of charitable status by the tax authorities, etc.)
  • optimisation of running organisation through interdisciplinary structuring advice
  • taking over correspondence with the tax authorities and other authorities, e.g. the supervisory authority for foundations
  • tax assessment of non-profit-making and commercial activities with regard to the possible utilisation of tax benefits
  • reviewing the effects of collaborations
  • advice when changing legal form and/or structure

Company valuations and activities as independent experts

NPP is constantly expanding its expertise and capabilities in the area of management consultancy and independent reports. We have been working as court experts for company valuations throughout Germany for many years. As part of the process for determining claims under family legislation and inheritance law as well as in shareholder actions, we conduct complex company valuations professionally and in a methodologically expert manner. We are aided in this process by our many years of professional experience in auditing and providing tax and legal advice.

Transformation and transaction consultancy

  • operational handovers and company succession including all relevant managerial, fiscal and civil-law aspects
  • managerial, fiscal and civil-law advice and contract structuring on the acquisition and sale of companies and investments

Succession consultancy

Our activities in the field of succession consultancy comprise in particular:

  • strategic planning in relation to inheritance tax and gift tax
  • advising on and structuring wills and inheritance contracts for succession
  • drawing up managerial and fiscal strategies and concepts for company succession
  • setting up family foundations
  • executing wills

Financial services

We have many years of experience in auditing and advising mainly mid-sized financial services companies which are subject to the supervision of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.