NPP Head


NPP is an experienced auditor of financial services companies as defined by the German Banking Act

We have many years of experience in auditing and advising mainly mid-sized companies in the financial services sector, a branch of industry that is subject to complex and constantly growing regulatory density.

The regulatory demands placed on the regulatory process by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority apply to companies subject to statutory audits and their auditors and advisors, and they require a high degree of specialist knowledge which has to be constantly updated in the wake of permanently shifting statutory and regulatory requirements.

We possess the specialist expertise, to efficiently audit and advise mid-sized financial services companies with differing areas of specialisation - particularly in the fields of investment brokering, investment advice, acquisition brokering, financial portfolio management and proprietary trading.

We offer the following services as a special area of focus:

  • annual financial statements in accordance with the Commercial Code and the Banking Act.
  • audits in accordance with the Securities Trading Act
  • advice in connection with applying for a business licence or for extending the permit under § 32 of the Banking Act (KWG) Here we offer our support, for example, in documenting the required business models and forecasts taking into consideration the necessary capital appropriations in accordance with the Banking Act and the Capital Regulation Requirements.
  • consultancy in connection with regulatory demands placed on the organisation of financial services companies, such as the minimum requirements of risk management (MaRisk) and the minimum requirements of the compliance function and further behavioural, organisational and transparency duties (MaComp)
  • assumption of the internal audit function
  • auditing and assessing security measures in accordance with the Money-Laundering Act
  • consultancy and auditing in connection with accounting and valuation regulations and other issues arising from the areas of accounting, controlling and regulation

We also have experience in carrying out credit exposure audits as part of special audits under § 44 KWG and as part of the auditing of annual financial statements.